Sunday, November 1, 2015

day 894

term 4, week 05,

This week : trying to finish the Getafix fanart with some references, Portrait and gesture practice and trying to finish all the characters for AH.

Sunday 25


Some comp sketch for AH, I'll probably not use them.

WIP still going.

Monday 26



Tuesday 27

Nice one to draw with nice muscle, 
maybe i should have draw him with more angles.

Lines are done, now do I change the color palette...

Working mostly on his nose

More sketching.

Trying to have less stages for this lineart things.
I have a simple revisited sketch under this more refine sketch,
where I need to nail down most of the design. Next part will be the final lines.
Trying to take more time on the refine sketch 
that way I don't have to think about the design for the final lines.

Wednesday 28

Nice poses and models.

photo and plane studies.  

Final lines started.

Thursday 29

Warm up sketches

Lines pretty much done need to work on some part though.

Working on the mech.

Friday 30

Cool poses again.

Sketching some dudes.

Playing with color.

Mech and comp sketches.

Saturday 31

More mech and comp for the comm room.

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