Sunday, October 25, 2015

day 887

term 4, week 04

Lost of sketching, painting and studies for this week. I had to do a little workshop with a friend so that took some time.

Sunday 18


Monday 19

Warm up portraits.

Working on the colors

Tuesday 20

Warm up

Gesture study.

Still working on colors.

Sketching some buildings ideas.

Wednesday 21

Gesture study.

Warm up ssketching.

Need to finish this guy soon.

Some thumbnails for a little demo.

Thursday 22

The 45 minutes demo.

Getafix fan art portrait shot sketch.

Final lines

Friday 23

Portrait warm up.

Gesture study, nice triangle shape with the two bodies (top right).

Almost done with it.

Saturday  24

Portrait warm up.

Building up this guy. 

Pretty much done for now.

Trying to finish his lines and I just used the colors of the other guy for now.

Mr Referee sketch.
Based on Dave Rapoza's gumroad video.

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