Sunday, November 15, 2015

day 908

term 4 week 07,

Worked on AH most of the time and taking some time to do sketches and try to finish some pieces.

Sunday 08

Warm up / practice.

Trying to come up with the final proportion/design,

Random animated isometric ellipses.

Monday 09

Sketches done during a class.

Some familiar portrait to warmup, character that I have in mind.

Car sketches, so hard.

Quick head painting.

Tuesday 10

Warm up.

Trying to finish the design, there is some angle that i still don't like.

I did a quick 3d base, not sure about the proportion for now.

Wednesday 11

Warm up / practice.

Cleaning it up a little before taking it to 3d.

3d base, still have some things to work on that doesn't work for me.

Trying to work on my handwriting, for no real reason except to have a nice signature

Thursday 12

Sketchbook action, had a character in character in mind.
She needed a 80s vibe, at first it from imagination and photo study (little sketches, left)
and the ones on the right are after the studies.

Hot dog hat and this girl again.

Did some quick render for the some what final base, still have to add some details.

I had to relax a little so I went on detailing this guy before going to sleep.
Worked on the forehead, mustache and just all around details.

Friday 13


Trying to match the design on this guy with the other vehicles.

Again, going to render mode to relax, 
worked on some patterns, pushing some highlights and color adjustments.
I still need to work on some scratches on the mask and maybe some other patterns,
but this guy is soon finished. 

Saturday  14

Trying to focus on eyes and have a good eye shape, so hard.

Same here, not really happy sci-fi guy and flower girl.

Trying to finish the render on those characters, 
that is pretty much the most I will do on them.

Taking this guy to finish (soon).

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