Sunday, November 8, 2015

day 901

term 4, week 06

Trying to finish some painting + sketching + gesture + working on astral horizon.

Sunday 01

November 1st self portrait day.
Lets do better next year...


Monday 02

Warm up.

Cleaning him up.

Refine mech sketches.

The final mech sketch that I am going to clean up/render.

Portrait sketches.

Tuesday 03


Loomis 01.

Loomis 02.

Loomis 03.

Loomis 04.

More spaceship sketch, trying to find some nice shapes.

Wednesday 04


Warm up.

Pretty close to final sketch, 
I just need to work on the proportion and add some more features.

Poster comp sketches.

Thursday 05

Car sketches, I might need to do more of them 
since they are not what I am looking for.

More portraits.

Detailing even more.
I still need to work on his cape and lots of other things. 

Friday 06

Gesture again.

Portraits sketches.

Loomis 05.

Loomis 06.

Portraits and comp sketches for I don't know why.

Going back to an old painting.

Saturday  07

More sketches.

Composition sketches for astral horizon.

Astral horizon painting (wip) of a crash spaceship in a natural environment.

Worked on his cape and some minor details.

Random sketch.

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