Sunday, November 22, 2015

day 915

term 4, week 08,

Not super happy about this week, I lost some focus thus I did work as much as I wanted. I am trying to finish some painting.

Sunday 15

Still trying to have nice eye shape.

This guys is done.

This one too.

Monday 16

Sketching around some portrait and some ideas for a live contest.
The theme was small-time cardboard fantasy.

Little practice of what i can do in the hour i have to do it.

Tuesday 17

What I ended up doing during the one hour contest, 
was fun to do.

Almost done, I'm trying not put too much scratches to keep him simple.

Working on the animation layers when he uses his magic.

Wednesday 18


Trying to finish this guy.

Thursday 19

Getting back to gesture is hard.

Sketching some dudes.

3d base an interior shot for AH.

Pretty much done for now.

Friday 20



3d base for the car.

Saturday 21



AH environment.

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