Sunday, November 29, 2015

day 922

term 4, week 09,

Mostly focusing on the far eye when I am sketching portraits. I still have a lot of difficulties with it. And working on Astral Horizon environments.

Sunday 22

Warm up skeches

Trying to finish this one...still wip

In space environment, I still need to add the space station.

Smoke test.

Worked on the Integration of  the scratches and some minor details. 

Monday 23

Sketching some dude.

Getting there...

City environment sketch.

Trying to work on movement and sketching some ideas for fun.

Tuesday 24

Head warmup.


Feathered outfit theme.

Wednesday 25

Warm up.

sStill adding stuff.

Thursday 26


Worked on the composition after some suggestions.

Friday 27

Warm up fun.

Testing a ink brush.

Line art almost done

Pretty much done with this one. 
I am not 100% sold on what kind of material the mask is made of 
but it is not a big issue.

Still working on the animation of when he uses his magic.

Saturday 28

Her far eye is bugging me !

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