Monday, February 1, 2016

day 986

2016, term 1, week 4,

Finished the first bloodsport (1 week late...), Sketching and  finding the idea for bloodsport 2.

Sunday 24

Testing some perspective stuff.

'Final lines'

Monday 25

Study, no pressure brush.

Study, something is wrong with her.

Local color.

Tuesday 26

Fixing her mouth, there is still something wrong but it's better.

Studies, hate that my sketch is different from the main photo
and I have to fix too much thing when I am painting.
I need to have a better sketch before painting.
(mainly on the eyes)

Bloodsport 2 ideas, Swamp elder.

Main light and bounce light.

Wednesday 27



Sketching, still think the one on the right is better.

Light through the cloth.

Thursday 28

Warm up.

Sketching idea for the third Thursday contest on SVS.

Late nigh sketches.

Warm and cool light painting.

Friday 29

Bloodsport 2 ideas.
I want a nice dynamic composition, not sure yet though.
Not sure about the proportion of the toad yet neither.

Looked at some refrence.

Fun sketching.

Sketching the elder toad.

Painting details and ambient occlusion.

Saturday 30

Figure drawing session.


Bloodsport 1 : sci-fi hunter and his pet final