Sunday, February 28, 2016

day 1013

2016, term 1, week 8,

I finished two things this week, about time ! Did some portrait and body sketches.

Sunday 21

Sketch of an old scientist.

Worked on the smile, the neck and the torso.

Started to texture the character.

Monday 22

Sketching 1, trying a new brush.

Sketching 2.

Tuesday 23


More texturing.

First ink, fox and owl.


Wednesday 24

Gesture sketches, and a dragoon.

More details.

Thursday 25


Almost done with the texturing.

Random late night painting.

Friday 26

Head sketches.

Pose idea.

Boosting up the lighting and trying to make the skin wet.

Saturday 27

Figure drawing.
It was hard to draw 2 persons at the same time with the amount of time,
but I tried to have to pose down nonetheless.
I discovered something interesting while doing this.
If I was starting with the guy, I drew with the pose with straight lines, 
but if I started with the girl I drew wit curves.

Memory sketch for the girl that was at the figure drawing session,
I am not sure that this is how she was dress, but it doesn't really mater.

Call it done!

This one too!

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