Sunday, February 21, 2016

day 1006

2016, term 1,week 7,

Lost so focus during the weekend so the first half of this week is quite lame, I tried to finish some images this week but couldn't finish all of them. I feel like all my portraits look the same especially the male portrait. I most draw and ink for this next week.

Sunday 14

Some lame sketches.

Monday 15

Better ones, but still all the same.

Sketching for bloodsport 3 : gauntlet.

Tuesday 16

Loved Cynthia Gibb in the movie Yougblood. 
The studies doesn't show the beauty.

Sketching a guy.

I need to finish this guy so bad.

Lost interest in this one, I had no idea for the background.

Wednesday 17

All looking the same portrait again.

Played with his hair.

I am done with this one.
The narrative is pretty boring with this one, 
There's nothing special to it. 
I feel like I was thinking way too much 
about how to do it rather than what I want the viewer to feel.
Maybe next time.

Thursday 18

Studying haircut.

Haircut and face studies.

Worked on the background.

Friday 19

Color/render test.

So close to being done.

Saturday 20

Sketch and studies.

Still working on the overall picture.
I think I lost the loose feeling from the sketch.
There's a strange flow on the right side of the image, 
in the background that I have to fix. 
I also need to work on the local colors of things, mostly on the toad.

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