Sunday, January 24, 2016

day 978

2016, term 1, week 3,

Trying to finish the bloodsport 1 in time with studies and sketches, but failed. I guess I took to much time again on find the idea and planning instead of doing the actual image. I will keep that in mind for the next one. I will still finish it thought. I am still trying to stylize some people from photo.

Sunday 17

Sketching and trying to stylize.

Monday 18


Again, I have some difficulties on identifying the features of the person and caricature them.

African wild dog studies.

Studies for the hunter.

Tuesday 19


Trying to flesh out the composition.

African wild dog studies.

African wild dog color study. I think it's a little to desaturated.

Wednesday 20

Photo studies, stylized. 

San man studies.

San man color study.

Sketching from memory, exploring if I am going to stylize him or stay realistic.

Thursday 21

Trying to stylize again.

Final comp, sketching the poses and little design work on the side.

Sketching the pose.

Little logo for a friend.

Friday 22

Design work, it helps me for the illustration.

Color sketch


Ideas for a hat/mask for the little kid in another illustration.

Saturday 23

I had to work on the perspective of some element because I didn't do it at the beginning.
I still need to work on the different elements around them and on his hand position.
So for the next one, I need to ; work the perspective first, sketch the entire pose 
and refine all the elements after the sketch phase.
I will try to finish it in the next days.

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