Sunday, February 7, 2016

day 992

2016. term 1, week 5,

Sketching, Studying, Ideas and Bloodsport 2 on the way.

Sunday 31

Sketching, styling and no so stylize.

Character idea.

Svs February contest 'Love'.
Going for a children book look for this one.

Styling sketches.

Body sketches for Bloodsport 2.

Monday 01

Toad study.

composition sketches. 
Going for a dynamic comp like League of Legend splash art.
Still not happy with it.

Just a simple pirate,
I might render this one someday.

Tuesday 02

Warm up boar.

Trying to render the lineart sketch I had.
For the moment I am still not happy with the renders,

Mood study, Bloodsport2.

Wednesday 03

Warm up gesture that I had in my head.

Still trying to have action, I am going with the middle one.

Swamp elements studies, might use the 2 studies on the bottom right for a spell?

You know when you want to focus on one or two projects and your mind doesn't agree.
So, I had this idea for a short about an old ice fisherman, and his perseverance to finally catch a fish.
The goal is to show the curve of his feelings with colors.
It's him vs the nature so when it's cold the nature take over him and when it's warm, there's hope.
I would like to really show how cold it can get to with the colors and some animation.
Lets see where this s going to go.

Thursday 04

Sketch warm up, another pose from imagination.

Trying to design something and failed...


Ink and first color pass, they will change.
I need a background for this.

Friday 05

Head sketches.

Better design, kind of, and lines.

Color sketches.

Changed some colors and mix some of the ideas from the sketches.

Saturday 06

Figure Drawing.

Sketches and study.

Refining the lines.

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