Sunday, March 6, 2016

day 1020

2016, term 1, week 9,

Sketches and stdy for this week, didn't want to start the bloodsport 3 right now since I had to finish some drawing for my shaved head challenge.

Sunday 28

Sketching a little viking girl and some random dudes.

Monday 29

Beard makes good portraits.


Sketch 01 for a drawing.

Sketch 02 for a drawing.

Sketch 03 for a drawing.

Tuesday 01

Study, eyes are hard... eyes then.

Sketch 04 for a drawing.

Trying to sketch some good stuff, but failed.

Need to be better at drawing eyes and hair.

Sketches and exploration.

Wednesday 02


Will I ever be able to draw them eyes !

Sketch 05 for a drawing, inspiration from Mike Yamada.

Thursday 03

Pretty generic portrait again.


Study and a cat archer.

Friday 04

Study, she had a small tilt that haunted all day.

Saturday 05


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