Sunday, June 28, 2015

day 768

spring, week 13,

Pretty calm week, I didn't do much. I mostly worked on the necromancer design, Kazak would probably be he's name, I did some sketches and portrait practice. I did mostly traditional art on Wednesday (sketchbook and watercolors).

Sunday 21


Monday 22

Little warm up.

I got some good elements for his pose.
I wanted to show his magic and his personality,
 while remaining simple for a design sheet.
The pose on the right was mostly for proportion reference
 but I am still wondering if it can be the good one. 
It is quite simple but I don't know if it is just boring.
Since he is using is hand for his magical fighting thing,
 I don't think it's a good idea to add a staff.

Made a little sketch (at right) after 
and smashed the pieces of the sketches together to make it a little clearer.
The pose is hiding some parts of the design 
so I am not sure is I will go with that one.

Tuesday 23

Warm up line sketches.

Skin tone test.

Random Sketch

Wednesday 24

Watercolor Wednesday.

Little still life with a skull, some coins and a black shirt.
By the time I finished them it was Thursday,  that is why the date is June 25th. 
I feel like I should use more color and let the watercolor do is thing. 
I want to control it too much to make it fit the still life rather than  take inspiration from it.
The second set of studies is about folds and how they seems to work.
I couldn't figure them out for now.

Thursday 25

Really random sketch

Portrait practice

Friday 26


Saturday  27


Feed back on the last 13 weeks.
In order to know what to improve
and to keep track of what to focus on,
 here's some additional notes.
All this is based on the ability to draw from imagination.
Grey area were not studied.

 Basic overview :
I worked a lot on portraits with a good number of portrait studies and sketch,
 both with lines and value/colors. 

I did some sketches to help me to work from imagination with a random word exercises.
I started to paint with watercolor and did some traditional sketches. 
I worked on my sketches presentation and  tried to keep it in mind every time I sketch.

Work on :
anatomy (human) : I need to keep working on proportion and facial expressions
and to start to add more gesture and personality. I need to start working on the body and gesture.
*Work on eyes*
anatomy (animals) : Zoo plein air sketching.
composition : Do simple thumbnails.
perspective : work on mechs and vehicules.
color and light : need to worked in color when i'm doing head studies.
drawing/lineart : focus on gesture and energy.
painting/brush work : do more with less, simple images.
storytelling : go back to rpg project or expand with necromancer guy.
sketchbook : Finish both sketchbook before the end of summer.
environment : team up with composition with simple sketches.
gesture : team up with drawing for energy.

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