Sunday, June 7, 2015

day 747

spring, week 10,

Tried my best to sketch and study when I could for this week. Like usual, I have to reduce to number of project/image that I work on (over several days).

Sunday 31


Monday 01


Tuesday 02

Portrait practice.

Portrait practice.

Necromancer sketches.

Sunset and clouds sketches from memory.

Wednesday 03

Necromancer exploration.

Portrait studies.

Watercolor Wednesday.
Bear study and some sketches to use all the paint I had.
I had a problem with the object of study,
 I shouldn't have use black even if the object is black.
The general paint job is not really good, 
but I prepared my colors before I began to paint which is good.
Next week, I'll try to do some sketches rather than
 studies and use color in a different, hopefully better, way.

Thursday 04

After work, unfinished, sketch.

Friday 05


Saturday  06

Sky people sketch.
My sketch presentation sucks so much,
I have to to a better job at it. 
For now, it's all muddy and the light is useless here,
we don't even understand what's happening. 

A little better but still weak in presentation.

Portrait studies.

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