Sunday, June 21, 2015

day 761

spring week 12

I don't have much thing to show for this week. I am still not finishing the things I should before starting new one. But  at least I do something and practice other things. I would like to do portrait studies again. I would like to finish the necromancer design soon and as always, finish some portfolio stuff. No watercolor Wednesday this week, I will probably do 2 days next week.

Sunday 14

Still this guy.

Magic test.

I defined some areas.

Still searching a good pose for a design sheet.

Monday 15


Tuesday 16


Wednesday 17

Windmill sketch.

Windmill animation test.

Near completion.

Magic test again.

Thursday 18

Warm up sketches.

Friday 19

After work sketches.
They're so bad.

Saturday 20


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