Sunday, June 14, 2015

day 754

spring, week 11,

I worked on that necromancer design during pretty much all week with some little sketches here and there.

Sunday 07

Random portrait sketch

Monday 08 

Necromancer sketch.

Cleaning some of the traditional sketch for the necromancer.
I will probably mix some elements from these three.
I added a big scrolls on is back but i will need to design it better.
I still need to design something for his arm, armor ? gloves?

First pixel test with basic colors and proportions.
I need to work on that flatness and his arm are pretty boring.

Colors sketch

Tried to play with his proportions to have more than 1 pixel arms, 
it's not working though.

Tuesday 09

Pencil and brush pen sketch

Render of his mask (wip).

Little test for when he uses magic.

Cyborg samurai sketch, for a contest on
I shouldn't have sketch that but I couldn't resist.
Far left and far right are both in line for the final.
(Photobomb selfie stick guy cause he's a cool kid)

Wednesday 10

Cyborg samurai sketch 02 and a random portrait.
Stylized proportion but i will have to tweak his left arm. 

Thursday 11


Friday 12


Saturday 13

Watercolor Wednesday (Saturday).

their number would be :

Tried some vases watercolor sketch from memory, 
since I have been sketching them in my sketchbook.
I need to work on my pattern design cause they repeat themselves a little, 
and I feel like they could be more original than what I have now.
On a technical level, I did the sketches in pencil for all of them 
before starting to paint the local color
and i finished with the shadows. I used the brush pen for the silhouettes.
Here's what i think of each one:
1 : The shadow color had too much black in it and it was too opaque.
2 :  The shadow color was near perfection in hue and in water/paint relation. The drop shadow is good too.
3 : I tried to pass a second time with the shadow color and it wasn't a good idea, I had to same result as the second sketch with the first pass of shadow...
4 : I had some difficulties to fill the color on that one and it shows. the shadow is not that bad.
5 : Had to much water for the shadow.
6 : The colors looks a little washed out but I think it's the best one.

Little portrait study.

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