Sunday, July 5, 2015

day 775

summer, week 1

I had some good days, with some breakthrough sketches and learned some stuff about how i work and some bad habits. I need to work only on the chest concept and the necromancer.

Sunday 28


Monday 29

Portrait sketch.
Super fun to play with that old man's beard.

Old chest sketch.

Poacher or anti-poacher guy.

Tuesday 30

Necromancer research.
Working on different parts of his costume. 

Quickly added some moss.

Part 1 
Really good portrait sketching session with Big Business on.
Feeling like I hit something important there about proportion, energy and how to represent some features.

Part 2
Playing around with different shapes.
I still can't draw any cool hairstyle though.

Wednesday 01

Retarded warm up.

Tried to render less the materials. 
I am always way too much zoomed in and that's why I render too much.  

Thursday 02

Portrait sketch, his ear is a little to high.
(Still bald)

Friday 03


Saturday 05


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