Sunday, May 31, 2015

day 740

spring, week 9,

So, 2 years have passed since the beginning of this blog. I feel like I improved since then but I am so far from where I want to be. Lets work harder for the next year and finish stuff.

Sunday 24


Monday 25

2 YEARS !!

Killed by perspective.
I am pretty sure that I did it wrong but his legs look so dead.

Changed the pilot.
I'll need to work more on the legs and how they work.

Necromancer Sketches, pen and pen brush.

A creature that could be called by the necromancer,
pencil, marker and correction pen. 

Tuesday 26

Warm up.

Worked on the arm and trying to dive some nice shape to the legs.

Wednesday 27

Watercolor Wednesday.
Triceratops study and some sketches.
Used yellow ochre and burnt sienna. 
I started with he yellow ochre with the study but i needed some darker dark. 
So I used some burnt sienna to have a bigger value range. 
I definitely need to set up my palette first, 
to have the value/color range I need first and then start painting.
That way, I will keep the watercolor feel.
I need to keep some white from the paper for the highlights.

Thursday 28

After work sketches.

Friday 29

After work sketches/studies.

Saturday 30

Sketches and studies.

Portrait practice.

Portrait and skin tone practice.

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