Sunday, May 24, 2015

day 733

spring, week 8,

So, something is wrong with my word count, the 2 years mark should be next week, the 25th of march, but I am already at 733 days (wtv).

This week was full of sketches, studies and experiments.

Sunday 17

Warm up sketches.

Sketching : Pre.

Giving me a challenge to translate the energy 
of their music into a sketch/painting.
I am far from achieving it but lets see where this can lead to.

Monday 18


Tuesday 19

Warm up sketches

Plaster cast study, the eye.

Plaster cast study, the eye.

Wednesday 20

Warm up sketches and
plaster cast study, the nose.

Plaster cast study, the nose.

Plaster cast study, the mouth.

Watercolor Wednesday.
Skull and random candle study.
First ever watercolor painting, here's some though:
- be conscious of the amount of water on your brush, don't use to much water and i feel like decreasing the amount of water on the brush through the evolution of the painting could be a good idea.
- black is tricky to use and can make the colors dull.
- trying a monochromatic painting first could have been a good idea, 
- be aware of your whitest whites at the beginning.
- light wash over the whole figure/painting except whitest white.
- have a clear (at least in your mind) sketch before starting to paint. 

Thursday 21

Warm up sketches, the first two have a little personality, which means improvement!

Friday 22

Plaster cast study, the ear.

Plaster cast study, the mouth.

Necromancer cool down sketch.
Trying to design the guy from the RIP illustration,
but this is not the way I want to go with it. 
There is some good elements but it is not stylized enough. 

Saturday 23

Plaster cast study, the head.

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