Sunday, May 10, 2015

day 719

spring, week 6,

Pretty unproductive week, I started working at my summer job and I did some work for something I can't show, so I don't have much to post for this week.

Sunday 03

Sniper turret sketches.

Monday 04


Tuesday 05

Random Word : Smash
I most be the worst guy the draw Hulk.
After think about it, I think he need to be angry,
so it feels like the Hulk, since he need to be angry to be Hulk.
I will need to try again later.

Trying to make it feel more like Hulk, I guess he just has to be angry.

Wednesday 06


Thursday 07

Random Word : Bone
Elephant Warrior.
I wanted to put more bone on his armor, 
but I took way to much time for the helmet design.

Getting back on this one, I need to put more contrast.

Aviation pilot study, wip.

Friday 08

Magic !!! done 
Would be cool to do a pixel version of this and animate it.

Some animation tests with the layers, with different timings.

Saturday  09

Lame sketches for warmup, damn that left guy is so stiff. 

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