Sunday, April 23, 2017

day 1433

week 16,

A little less work this week, but I have been doing the same as the other weeks, studies and sketches.

Sunday 16

I could have use more flowy lines with this one.

Monday 17

One hand I am happy with but not the other.

Tuesday 18

Happy with the flow here.

Forgot about the straight to curve on this one.

Nothing special except the hair I would say.

Went back to work on this little guy, I would go with the pants/boots on the left.

I will work on this one and try to finish him.

Wednesday 19

That knee is strange.

Sketching a little.

Thursday 20

Happy with how this one came out.

Cleaning up the brushes and testing some.

Testing zedig brushes.

Lines and rough colors.

Friday 21

I always have one good hand and one bad.

Fun expression.

Good movement with her legs.

Environment sketches, some kind of cave fountain.

Trying to make him less creepy.

Volcano guy. 

Saturday 22

Not super happy with the proportion here.

Music of the week : The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Soundtrack
Looks like a good game with a good soundtrack.

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