Sunday, April 9, 2017

day 1419

week 14,

Sketches and pencil studies, still reading the 'Force' book.

Sunday 02

Trying to fit at least one of them for each day.

Monday 03

Tried to push the poses and the energies on each one.

Pretty much done with the mage, I just need to find his name.

Sketching some magic stone ideas for his rock companion.

Tuesday 04

I would have to work on my hands again. 

Still unhappy with these sketches, but I have a good direction for what I want. 

Wednesday 05

Still playing with rhythm and shapes with the shadows.

Kinda faceless and undead knight or something like that.

Thursday 06

Wasn't happy with those, they lack energy and rhythm. 

Working on the body and head shapes.

Almost final body and head and the magic stone.

Some thumbnails for the heads, decided to keep the skull idea.

Friday 07

Trying to show form with surface lines.

Trying to apply forces on this old character with rhythm and trying to stylize him.
Now I need to dress him and find his purpose. 

Pretty final rock companion to the mage character.
Early 'evolution' of this character, I would need at least another version 
with some protection rock for the magic stone.

Saturday 08

Lost the flowy lines here, it is a little to stiff with those angles and straight lines.

Music of the week : Arlissa - Multiply
Another good one form her.

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