Sunday, April 2, 2017

day 1412

week 13,

Gesture studies in pencil and meaningful sketches, except for one, for this week. I started to read Forces from Michael Mattesi and it is quite insightful on a lots of topic like rhythm, force and energy in a figure drawing.
Sunday 26


Monday 27

Studies from photos after reading some pages of the book.
There is not much improvement overall but I can feel myself being more deliberate with my marks.

Color version, I think I might need a version with some clothing, but this will do for now.

Tuesday 28

Second day of studies from photos after reading some pages,
I already feel a little more loose and aware of what I see and want to draw/say.

Trying to apply what I learned from the book in my sketches.
I don't really know what he is suppose to be/do, so I will not sketch more, for now.

Wednesday 29

Third day of studies from photos after reading, 
Trying to simplify the shadows and folds.

Random sketch, super generic...

Thursday 30

Didn't took as much time to do a lot of studies to work more on some ideas.

I wanted to change the hair and cape of this character, 
to have more believable elements.
I think the character makes more sens now and he still have the main idea about his design.

Worked a little on the proportions and clothing of the two other characters.

From an old sketch (top left), I sketched a mountain giant,
it could be fun to have some characters interact with him and design more
mountain giant, one different than the other based on their environment.
I still have to find how nature is ''attached'' to him. 

Little rock companion for the mage character. 
I have some story idea for these two and how they came to know each other.
But first, I need to find him a nice design,
Which is a little tricky sine he can change is form.

Friday 31

Study from photo.

Redrew him with some small improvement on his costume and his pose.
I am not sure that the pose reflect the mindset I want him to have.
And did two lighting scenario, I think the one on the right is better but I might be wrong.

Transportation for a more planar environment, 
based on a old drawing and some reference of really big and ancient bird. 

Random sketches.

Saturday 01

Study from photo.

Some creature ideas.

Music of the week : Graveyard - The Siren
Pretty cool band I found on this compilation, all the Hisingen Blues album is pretty good.

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