Sunday, April 16, 2017

day 1426

week 15,

I did a lot of sketches, some that I am not sure if I will use lather or not, and I  caught up the delay I had with the studies.

Sunday 09

I feel like my drawing are getting a little to stiff again.

Swamp elder croco/aligator with a little story about how he lost his arm
and gain the cloak and the blades.

Blade sketches.
I tried to make it in a way that he could have use it for his walking stick,
but it made no sense.

Magical creatures or fallen knight resurrected with the same kind of stone
of the little rock companion from last week.

Djinn of something like this.

Monday 10

Played with the shadow shapes.

Her body is way to long.

Overall better drawing.

Sketched some faces.

Tuesday 11

tried to have a nice flow.

Here too.

A cloth lady, I don't know if I will use her.

Crow man.

Wednesday 12

Getting a little boring and I think I am trying to copy the pose a little too much.

Head sketches from old drawing that I could use for some characters. 

Sketches some ideas.

Thursday 13

Super boring....

Sea/ocean/beach people, sketched her first, then I came up with a little story
to help me design her and what she would wear.

Friday 14

Tried to push the pose on each of them.

Little monkey/mouse creature, it is a little too creepy for now thought.

Sketch of the creature.

Sketchbook drawing for the sea people.

Saturday 15

Quick drawing.

Music of the week : Notorious B.I.G. - Best of
Didn't know about him before this week, shame on me. 

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