Sunday, October 16, 2016

day 1244

term 04, week 02,

I had to go off of my schedule a little since I got to do the jersey for my sport team in a pretty quick turn around (and still not finish yet), but I manage to work on the inktober sketches for almost all week except for Saturday which I was pretty tired.

Sunday 09

Inktober 09 : broken.
Mystical broken bell.

Monday 10

Inktober 10 : jump.
At this point I had no more ink in my brush pen :(.

Tuesday 11

Gesture, 1 and 2 minutes.

Still trying to finish this guy, 
after him I got to do the robot dog.

Working on that jersey, I had to move him more to the front of the jersey to see him better.
Worked on the smoke/wind.

Inktober 11 : transport.
I added way to much character, 
since I am gonna do a little story 
with it I should've start with a little less. 

Vampire sketches.

Wednesday 12

Costume gesture.

Closing in on his design and starting to work on the fire, 
I am still not sure at this moment what kinda of shape I want for the fire.

Fold study.

Thursday 13

Final sketch, all design here are pretty much done, except for the colors.

If the seam of the sleeve fit when ''printing'' 
the jersey the shirt will look pretty cool. 

Started to do the letters for the different names.

Inktober 12 : worried.
Didn't had time to work on it yesterday, 
but I don't want to be late on this so I did 2 this day.

Inktober 13 : Scared.
Started to think more about what I want to draw before drawing it, 
and it worked. I see what I want to draw and it doesn't take me the whole day.
I am almost allowing myself to add unplanned stuff when I ink, feels pretty good,
and I saw that my sketches, before I ink, are getting looser.

Friday 14

Hand studies.

Cleaned up version, the team want to add some lightning in the background, 
to break some of the flat blue.

If the vector image can look like this I would be pretty happy.

Sketches for the letters and numbers are done.

Vector, damn it was harder than I thought.

Inktober 14 : tree.

Finished this study.

Saturday 15

Clean version of the letters.

Music of the week : Kid With Man Head - Hotel California cover
Nostalgia song

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