Sunday, October 9, 2016

day 1237

term 01, week 01,

I had to rework on that Jersey deisgn this week, so that took some of my time but I managed to stay in my shedule. I did a lot of studies and the personal work changed between inktober, the jersey and that scifi guy that I never finish.

Sunday 02

Style exploration based on Clete Shields' sculpture.

Inktober 02 :  noisy.

Monday 03

Head gesture.

Muscle studier and a portrait.

Inktober 03 : collect.

Tuesday 04


Still working on and off on him.

Inktober 04 : hungry.

Wednesday 05

Costume gesture.

Color study.

Line study

New beginning, working on a head on the side of the jersey.
Basic stuff to see where things are going to be.

Inktober 05 : Sad.

Thursday 06

Hand gesture.

Foot studies.

Worked on a 3d jerey to map the design with the template and uvs, to see how it looks.

Inktober 06 : hidden.

Friday 07


Sketching some mayan heads.


Template design sketch.

What it looks like in 3d, still need to do some modifications.

Inktober 07 : lost. 

Saturday 08

Inktober 08 : rock. 

Music of the week : Al'tarba - lullaby for insomniacs
Chill beat.

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