Sunday, March 27, 2016

day 1041

2016, term 1, week 12,

Studies, sketches and Still working on bloodsport 3...

Sunday 20

Eyes practice and brush test.

Poses practice.

Working on Thyra pose.

Monday 21

Very random sketches. 
I most stop doing random stuff like this and do stuff that matters

At least she's trying to be something useful.

Worked on Thyra, Thor and quickly posing Questor.

Tuesday 22

Here we go, some useful sketches/warmups.
Some Fable 1 sketches.

Leonard Susskind sketch.

Merlin sketches, poses are hard.

Questor is done and Merlin is on his way, 
still not 100% on his pose.

Wednesday 23

Study, girls are hard too.

Trying to finish the sketch step with them.

Played with an old sketch.



Thursday 24

Warming up with some portraits.

Almost done here, 
next I am gonna refine the design/line art.

Hard studies are hard.

Tilted faces kill me.

I have to make the eyes align.

Friday 25

Hard time with the jaws and overall head proportion.

Studies doing ok for once.

Frazetta can draw a nice face with such little lines.

X men evolution sketches.

Jean from X men evolution.

Saturday 26

Studies from a book.

Studies from a book.

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