Sunday, March 13, 2016

day 1027

2016, term 1, week 10,

I had a good start this week but couldn't maintain it since I had other stuff to do. However, even if the quantity is not there I think I improved on the quality of my study and my general ideas with this week sketches/ideas. I still need to work on the character design for the Gauntlet fan art.

Sunday 06

Second drawing down, onto the next one.

Monday 07

Pretty gril study 01.

Some poster composition sketches for a Gauntlet cover fan art.
I am not sure if I keep the bad guy in or do a poster with the 4 characters only.

Random alien or something like that.

Tuesday 08

Pretty girl study 02, lines.

Pretty girl with shiny armor study. 
I was somewhat happy with the line/sketch 
but I saw some things wrong while I was painting it.

Thor sketches, not sure if I stylize or not.

Portrait sketches for him.

Quick Questor the elf sketches, 
he is on a quest to understand who he really is. 

Wednesday 09

Not quite done yet pretty girl with shiny armor.

Thursday 10

Finished an old page from the sketchbook. 
Ideas for composition for the 3 companions and for the gauntlet fanart.

Sketches for Gauntlet and the 3 companions. 

Gauntlet Composition with 4 characters only,
worked with some Baroque composition ideas.

Friday 11

Questor (with his quest), Thor and Thyra sketches.
Still pretty stylized, dunno if I am going to keep going in this direction.

Merlin sketches, trying so hard not to redraw 'Panoramix' from Asterix.

Saturday 12


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