Sunday, April 26, 2015

day 705

spring, week 4

I mainly worked on faces this week with some value studies and expression studies in line art. There's some extra sketches too.

Sunday 19

Random sketches + sketchbook action.

Monday 20

Head sketches.

Expression studies

Face/value study.

Tuesday 21

Expression studies, link.

Wednesday 22

Hope Solo, American soccer goalkeeper, study.

Thursday 23

More expression studies

Challenging angle 01.

Challenging angle 02.

Friday 24

Warm-up sketches.

Trying to keep it rough.

Ashes man, heavy smoking.

Saturday 25

Sketches for a character.

Trying to draw an old lady from memory, very difficult.

Some other expressions, I redid some of them 
because I wasn't happy with the proportions or the expression itself.

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