Sunday, April 19, 2015

day 698

spring, week 3.

Trying to go with simple tools again, round brush and few others. I will try to study a lot more anatomy and design while sketching out some ideas for the rpg project, that i most find a name for.

Sunday 12

Gestures, I need to get back on those

Pretty much done for the shadow pass, lets work on the background and some fx.

Monday 13

Animation from reference

Warm-up from imagination


Tuesday 14


Exploration of proportion for a female character.

Work out the beard. 

Wednesday 15


Still not happy with what i have now.
I'm looking for something with feminine traits 
and something that show she's strong too.
I'll need to explore a little more.

Thursday 16

Way to long neck study

Maybe studying the muscles under the skin will lead me somewhere.

Friday 17


Saturday  18


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