Sunday, February 22, 2015

day 642

winter week 8

So hard to work on less thing and don't loss the focus on the main projects. I am trying to finish the Ghosts'N Goblins illustration working on the Main rpg project and studying faces.

For the end of February I would like to finish the GNG illustration.

Sunday 15

Some head sketches, bah...


Monday 16

Fixed some things

Forest Sketches

Tuesday 17


skin tone wtv...

Wednesday 18

Eye studies, with Bridgman and photo.

Some more ideas.

Thursday 19


WIP again worked on the left guy chain mail. 
Not sure about some of the lighting and shadow in some area.

Friday 20

Friday dark mage, staff sketch.
Liking the leaf one on top for now.

64 x 64 pixel art test.
I feel like i don't have enough pixel to work with but is not that bad.

128 x 128 pixel art test
Pretty good size.

256 x 256 pixel art test
Way too much pixels, too long to work with it.
I can't imagine animating at this size.
I am going to try with an outline for each next Friday.

So hard to get it right.

Saturday  21

So hard to get it right #2.

Cave study

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