Sunday, February 15, 2015

day 635

winter, week 7

This week deadline was to finish the sci-fi gray scale, which is done, and to finished some painting. I finished the old lady concept  did and i'm almost done with the old ghosts'n goblins zombie painting. I am still sketching for the rpg project, mainly doing some house research.

Sunday 8

Body test, so much stuff to fix

House sketching.
I like the 2 bottom right house but they don'fit with what i have in mind.
I'll keep them for something else. 

Monday 9

Skin tones, sooooooooooooooooooo hard.

Final render

I'm trying to finish this sketch and a friend told me the the light on his/her chest
is making the material different. Below are his suggestions. 

What i like about his suggestions is that I keep the value range quite subtle 
and in the some time I have a strong contrast near the head.

Tuesday 10

Almost done, I don't really like the under chest area right now.

Wednesday 11

Trying to fix all the things.
I still don't like the legs.
And I need to work on my anatomy, damn....

Pretty much done with the gray scale. 
I can still work a little on the background though.

Thursday 12

More houses

Even more houses.
I'm starting to find what I want.

Friday 13

He definitely need a staff.
It will be fun animating it too, with some magic fx. 

I cleaned up all the color and started the shadows for no real reason.

First test ever at pixel art.
Damn the face is so hard to get right.
Maybe, i'll animate him too....

Doodling around

Saturday  14

Back to faces with Loomis and some photos.

trying to finish those dudes

Some forest studies

Some fungus/moss/plant sketches

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