Sunday, February 1, 2015

day 621

winter, week 5,

I am trying to finish the dark mage animation. I am trying to get better at skin tones, trying to find a balance between  colors (saturation and hue). I finished the last concept (the car) for the short film.

Sunday 25


Final sketch animation

Test for finger animation

Skin tone tests

Monday 26

Shading, I'm not sure about the strong back light

Testing some isometric view,  

Second try

Tuesday 27

Some car sketches for the short film.

Wip final render

Wednesday 28

Skin tone study

Wip render, final concept

Interior sketch

Thursday 29


Friday 30

Skin tone study, started a little to saturated

Final Car concept

Saturday 31

Started to clean the animation

Skin tone study, way.... too saturated

Random head sketch

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