Sunday, March 1, 2015

day 649

winter week 9

Like the past week I'm trying to finish the GNG illustration, but this week I had some problems with my right arm so I had to take some break. During that time I started to read Manage Your Day-to-Day, I really helpful book on productivity and creativity.

Sunday 22

Didn't have time to finish her left eye..sorry

Self portrait from memory, playing with color.
she's making ghosts

Cave studies

Monday 23


Rock studies

Tuesday 24

I worked on the nose and the mouth, next time i will focus on the eyes

Cave sketches
Starting to have problem with my arm at this point so I took a little break

Wednesday 25


Thursday 26

Body template for a skateboarding game.
Go like our page creā-ture studios 
(photo and paint)

Friday 27

Body concept for a skateboarding game.
Go like our page creā-ture studios 
(photo and paint)

Wip... almost done

Saturday  28

Worked on the shadow a little and added his magic stick.
The shadow pass is super long.

Almost there, I will finish it this Sunday but I will post it next time.  

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