Sunday, January 25, 2015

day 614

winter, week 4,

Pretty much the same thing as the others weeks; rpg project, faces study, sci-fi character and the old lady concept. I started a 2d animation too. It's the last week of the research step for the rpg project and then i'll begin the real thing.

Sunday 18


Monday 19

Old lady head sketches

Tuesday 20 

I have started a sketch but i ask myself why i do this
 instead of  doing what I'm suppose to do so i stopped.

Old lady render, with the team's decision

Dark Mage line art, he's gonna be animated

Some car silhouette for the short 

Wednesday 21


Thursday 22

Hoop concept, 

Started the wind effect on the scarf cape and hat.
At this point i animate each ''object at a time, I don't know if its the best way to do it...

Random head sketch

Friday 23

More of that

Blink test

Quick things with a jet pack

Back on those forms 

Saturday  24

Pretty much done with the sketch lines. 
I redo the scarf because it was lame. 
I'll need to animate the hands

almost done with the gray scale and the left arm.

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