Sunday, February 19, 2017

day 1370

term 01, week 07,

I've been quite busy this week so I have less work to show. I still have problems designing tech even when I want to simplify it.

Sunday 12


Monday 13

Ultimate girls, she's a little too simple.

Random knight ?

Trying something, mainly ideas for the clothes.

Same here with different combination. 

Dark Goo flats.

Tuesday 14


Render, maybe it is a little too dark.

Wednesday 15


Trying to keep it simple.

Random portrait.

Thursday 16

I feel like he's too complex.

Trying to see if I can simplify it with flats.

Friday 17

Chill dude.

Some snow sketches.

character sketch.

Saturday 18


Music of the week : Blue Note - Blue Funk
Nice funky tunes!

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