Sunday, February 5, 2017

day 1356

term 01, week 05,

Trying to focus and finish little thing by not making them important or in a deep project idea, so that way they will have not much importance. Some of the theme of the pixel dailies didn't really resonate with so I kind of stop to do them, I will try to pixelate my own stuff more. I totally put studies a side to focus on doing and finishing less thing than to do a lot of sketches and studies.

Sunday 29

Them Hyper Light Drifter,
Tried to create a drifter of my own.

Monday 30

Pirate girl.

Old sketch/idea that I tried to render, He's made of jello.

Tuesday 31

A dude with two swords ?

Magic girl.

Two sword girl.

Don't know what the f I was thinking there...

Magic girl 2, Kind of better than the one before. 

Spacecraft crash.

Super hero.

Pretty much done, trying to do them quick and not take a months to finish them.

Isometric idea for the crash.

The them was 'Clone'.

Wednesday 01

He could fit with the jello guy,
Little alien, only flats for now.

Thursday 02

Hies face was hard to render, I didn't know what kind of geometry it should be.

Useful in dark location for a game ?

Little sketches/notes from a dream.

Friday 03

Trying to stylized, I don't know why this is hard.

Even in digital..

Head sketch.

Quick cool downs.

Saturday 04

Dark Goo, Evil matter for an IP.

Still trying and still not happy with it.

Third character that could be in an Ip together, maybe...
The mercenary.
Render soon.

Pixeling this guy.

Old sketch to new one, I think I could push the anatomy even more.

Music of the week : WUGC 2016 - USA vs Japan Men's Gold Medal Game
Not a song or album for this week, but a pretty sick game Between USA and Japan at the 2016 World Games

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