Sunday, February 12, 2017

day 1363

term 01, week 06

Not much for this, I was busy with other stuff and I focused on finishing two little illustration.

Sunday 05


Monday 06

Ambient light and some occlusion.

Cafe sketches, pencil and brush pen.

Tried a new, smaller, brush pen, it feels pretty good.

Meh... not super happy with those.

Style test I did for myself, to see If I could do a job.

Tuesday 07

Finishing the ambient light.

Wednesday 08

Pretty much done with it, 
but I should maybe add some bounce light at some places now that I look back at it.

Old sketches reworked, lion killer Rhino and a bald man.

Thursday 09


I really have some problem with hard surface / gear design with robot and mechanical things. 

So I switch to this guy, not sure about his lower body design but what ever...

Work on this rhino anatomy a little.

Friday 10

Had an idea for another Ip that could be fun to work on.
name for now : Pool Play.

I rushed the render a little too much on this one. 

Dude with a speaker shirt, he's pretty cool.

Saturday 11


Music of the week : Dj Premier - Classic(feat. Rakim, Nas & Krs One)
Good rap song.

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