Sunday, September 25, 2016

day 1223

term 03, week 12,

Mix of studies and sketches, need to focus more on projects !

Sunday 18

After work sketching.

Monday 19

Portrait gesture.

Some anatomy studies.

Hands from books.

Hands from books.

Cool down sketch.

Tuesday 20

Nude gesture.

Finished that study.

Skeleton studies with a nice pose.

Starting to render the man.

Sketching some heads.

Cool down.

Wednesday 21

Costume gesture.

Costume/fold study.

Thursday 22

Hand gesture.

Centaur ideas, I need to stylize him way more.

Sketchbook action.

Sketchbook action.

Sketch for a shirt for a Ultimate Frisbee team, we might not go with this.

Continue rendering.

Friday 23

Nude gesture.

Horse studies.

Horse studies.

Trying to make the design work somehow.

Saturday 24

Cool down sketches after work.

Music of the week : Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
Good classic !

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