Sunday, September 18, 2016

day 1216

term 03, week 11,

Studies and sketches. Trying to be more efficient while I'm working, but I need to split and simplify the ways I work.

Sunday 11

Different kind of workflow I need to clear somethings out with those workflows (and many more).

Monday 12

Hand studies.

Line studies, the right one have a big cranium. 

Added the pet to make it to the gnomon workshop contest.

Trying to push the values.

Tuesday 13


Many bad heads here.

Horses are hard.

That head design is way to complex to do compare to what it is supposed to be.

Wednesday 14

Morning hands as usual.

Now all I need is color.

Random sketches.

Thursday 15

Trying to be more deliberate in my strokes.

Cute girl sketch.

A dream and some portraits.

Centaur sketches 

Trying to boost the proportion, still not sure about the idea.

Friday 16

And again.

Started to render the guy, I am going to remove the lines for the final render.

Study work in progress, there are still some area that I am not happy with.

Meh... that bottom left dude is ok I guess.

Saturday 17

Streamed this sketch page after work, I was pretty tired.

Music of the week : Vanilla - Origin
A pretty smooth album, again.

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