Sunday, January 17, 2016

day 971

2016, term 1, week 2,

Finishing stuff, gesture, sketching and 2 projects.

Sunday 10

Quick idea for the bloodsport 1.

Sketching some characters, trying to play more with shapes.

Tried to do a simple rendering on him.

Monday 11

Some idea exploration for the scifi hunter (bloodsport1).


Took some time to ''finish'' this guy.
I hope I can do everything that I planed with him.

Portrait study, wip.

Tuesday 12

Gesture is hard.

Done, simplifying the value range is so fun and make everything so much easier.

Going back on this old sketch/idea, Swamp Dragon.

Sketching some dudes.

Wednesday 13


Little unfinished sketch.

Refining the lines and trying to put a more prominent foreground. 

Thursday 14

More lines.

Designing the characters.

Friday 15

Sketching some heads.

Back to the scifi hunter, exploring some stuff.

Exploring some composition and studies.

Working on the far eye and trying to figure it out.

Saturday 16

Some sketch for a friend.

Mixing the style.

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