Sunday, October 18, 2015

day 880

term 4, week 03,

I wasn't near my working pc for the end of the week, but I worked on paper must of the time.

Sunday 11

Here's some ideas for the gnomon challenge for October. 
A crow guy with wings like if some kids wanted to invoke him for Halloween, 
I don't know if I will finish it though...

Having some more fun with this.

Monday 12

Gesture and trying to find a way to do better gesture

some portrait, I am trying to get 1000 before the end of December.

Lines and other things

Tuesday 13

Gesture, trying to apply what I did earlier.

little inside joke with some friends. 
My eyes were bleeding while doing it but I was laughing so hard.

Need to move on with her....

Wednesday 14

gesture, at this point I don't have my working 
PC so I took some pen and paper and work 
on them for the end of the week.

Legs from photos.

Sketching ideas.


Thursday 15

gesture, not having the best result for now since
 a lot of the pose still look super stiff, without any action. 
I got to find a way to make them interesting even if there is nothing there.

Trying to finish this sketch book (sketchbook with only portrait in it,
 5 portrait per page 1000 portrait in total)

And pretty much done with the everyday sketchbook too.

Friday 16

Same stiffness problem here...

Got some pretty bad studies in there but at least this sketchbook is done. 
(notes indicate my growing rage throughout the studies)

Saturday 17


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