Sunday, July 26, 2015

day 796

summer, week 4,

I worked on portrait and the necromancer guy (hopefully i can finish him before the end of summer) and I drew quite a lot in my sketchbook. I went back to count the number of face that I drew, since January and started to write down the number without counting the ones in my sketchbook.

Have to finish soon :
   - necromancer
   - chest
   - the weird shape sci-fi lady

Sunday 19

Some design to go on the diamond of the necromancer guy.
I did some more in my sketchbook.

Monday 20

Quick portraits before work.

Tuesday 21

Quick portraits before work.

Wednesday 22

Portrait study

Color/portrait study.

Color/portrait study.

Thursday 23

Warm up portraits .

Went back to an old sketch.

Friday 24

Basic shapes sketch done in my sketchbook and retouch in photoshop.

Lame Skin tone test.

Saturday 25


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