Sunday, May 14, 2017

day 1454

week 19,

Been working on finishing characters, playing with old ideas and doing pencil studies.

Sunday 07

Daily figure drawing.

Monday 08

Daily figure drawing.

Working on the lines and I will add layers to the skirt.

Tuesday 09

Daily figure drawing.

Sea/beach girl.

Some ideas for a police/circulation drone

Wednesday 10

Daily figure drawing.

I doesn't really like the lack of style here, the proportion are too realistic.

Quickly sketched out new proportions.

Thursday 11

Daily figure drawing.

Werewolf and space cop sketches.

Friday 12

Daily figure drawing.

Werewolf sketches, working on those proportions.

Space cop, alien and cyber jello.

Alien and mercenary.

Mercenary and backpack.

Saturday 13

Daily figure drawing.

Trying to come up with a science guy.


Goo ideas.

Goo and alien.

Happier with the proportion and fur style,

Music of the week : The Last of Us 2 Trailer Song "Through The Valley" (Ellie's Version)
Can't wait for the second game.

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