Sunday, May 7, 2017

day 1447

week 18,

I lost focus on the fantasy characters a little this week, but I still did some drawings of photos and book studies.

Sunday 30

Daily figure drawing.

Small circulation officer from a city I might use for something.
I was exploring his proportions.

Monday 01

Daily figure drawing.

Bridgman studies.

Finished this ninja.
I might play a little with the colors though.

Tuesday 02

Daily figure drawing.

Bridgman studies.

Beach Warrior sketch.

Sketches of some characters I need to do sometime.

Wednesday 03 

Daily figure drawing.

Brush tests.

Thursday 04

Daily figure drawing.

Jeremy Mann' sketchbook notes.

Photo studies of donkeys and alpacas.

Fixed some proportion and anatomy problems.
I still can't decide where to put the little crab.

Friday 05

Daily figure drawing.

Bridgman studies.

Saturday 06

Daily figure drawing.

I saw Justin Chan's work on talent tree's livestream and found his work super cool,
So I wanted to work back on some characters I did earlier this year.
I want the designs to be more constant throughout all the characters, 
but still have unique and clear elements on each one.
Mercenary, Alien and Moon Golem sketches. 

Alien, tried to make him a little more alien.
Moon Golem, also tried to make him a little more 'moon', not sure if I am going to keep the original stones that were on his back, head and arms.
Dark Goo, basically the same.
Cyborg Jello, Tried to make him make a little more sense and hopefully make him more scifi and interesting.

I had some difficulties with the Android Police Unit,
I want to keep the element that he 'transforms' from a cone shape, and feels robotic.

Music of the week : Banner Saga 2 - Original Soundtrack
As good as the first one !

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