Sunday, December 18, 2016

day 1307

term 04, week 11,

I decided to try to finish an old sketch back before the end of the year, that is 93 pages in 19 days. It is mostly studies with some sketches and ideas here and there, which I need to do more not only do studies.
Sunday 11

Work in progress of trying to do pixel art.

I had to do a character for scale reference, so I did a little turnaround with it.

Monday 12

Head gesture, trying to mix the reference and have different head types.



Karate girl studies.

Karate girl studies.

Tuesday 13

Adriana from for this day gesture.

I have the problem to draw the torso a little too long.

Them leg/torso proportion are awful.

Doing better here.

If it wasn't for that little head I would be happy.

I liked the light/shadow from this one so I had to work a  little more to study it.

I don't think I got all the volumes right here.

Fun ones.

Wednesday 14

Tried to study some design of things I like and that could help me design stuff,
I think that doing some fan art would help me with it.
Batou, master chief, and a quick Starcraft marine. 

Some swat dude and MGS design.

MGS studies.

Portrait studies.

Thursday 15








Came across this cool black and white photo, couldn't resist.

Friday 16

Sketches and studies, Adhira from posesspace.



Studies, some difficulties here...

Saturday 17

I like the feel on the left one.

I was a little to tight on some of them I need to loosen up.

Bad page placement of the drawings that didn't help me draw the pose.

That foreshortening was harder than I thought.

Cool pose with expressive hands.

Nice lighting and pose.

Some quick environment studies.

Sketches for the military girl from Fully Armed.

Music of the week : Fable soundtrack
Always felt like this soundtrack was a big part for the mood in this game.

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