Sunday, December 11, 2016

day 1300

term 04, week 10,

Didn't do as much this week, but I am happy with the studies and the studies I did. I am able to organise my ideas a little better and work on them more efficiently, but with that said, I think I still have difficult time to design stuff.

Sunday 04


Monday 05

Head gesture, would need to do other head studies than those.

3 more character from ideas and old sketches for Fully Armed.

Tuesday 06



AI robot and turrets.

Wednesday 07

Costume ''gesture''.



Thursday 08

Hands and feet.

Color and value studies.

So I removed him from the Fully Armed lineup 
since I believe he is not fitting with the other characters.
I will do a Line up of character for it too and I need to find a title,
from now it's between Broken Strand and Colliding cells.

Friday 09


Old sketch/idea for an archer character, liking where it's going.

The anatomy is ok so now I need to design his suit and the armor.
I think the suit is a little too busy for now.

Saturday 10

15 minutes color study, really liking to do more abstract stuff with them,
But colors are hard !

Value and colors studies.

Random sketch.

Music of the week : Arlissa - Hearts Ain't Gonna Lie
Sweet Jesus ! that energy and voice !

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