Sunday, November 6, 2016

day 1265

term 04, week 05,

I was as productive as I wanted, because of some good unpredictable event, so I don't mind that much. I still managed to finish inktober in time, which is good for a first time doing it. I finished some stuff and started to realize that I need to work more in colors.

Sunday 30


Monday 31

Heads gesture.

Head sketches I don't like.
They are boring and have no personality.

Inktober 29 : surprise.

Inktober 29 : wreck.

Inktober 29 : friend.
Inktober passed by so fast.

Girl portrait studies, need to work with color soon 
even though I don't fully understand how to paint them in B/W.

Tuesday 01


Sketches and studies.


Wednesday 02

Took the whole day to make some costume studies.

Thursday 03

Hand gestures.

Hand renders.

Trying to finish this guy, so not sure about his body/fur color.

Friday 04





Pretty much done with this one.

Sketches, drawing 1 eye alone is so much simpler than 2.

Saturday 05


Music of the week : The Banner Saga Soundtrack
Pretty cool video game and a even more inspirational soundtrack.

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