Sunday, May 15, 2016

day 1090

2016, term 2, week 05 et 6,

For the past two weeks, I worked on some old sketches, did a lot of photo studies and I finished the Gauntlet illustration.

Sunday 01

Eye studies from a photo.

Eye studies from a photo.

Bust study

Monday 02

Mouth from photo.

Trying to stylize the rendering 
and work on the eyes, mostly.

Render test on hand study.

Tuesday 03

I need to find a solution on how to make the soft shadows look good.

Need to simplify the hair.

Second try on the hair with a pretty similar image.

Wednesday 04

Mixed some smudge tool action in there with a flat brush, trying to work on the soft shadow.

Wip again.

Thursday 05

Pretty fun one with the background and trying to simply it.
It would be interesting to try it with colors.


Friday 06

Simple value change and not going to black is pretty good.

Color test on this one, not super happy about it though.

Wip, so close.

Saturday 07

Pretty hard one with the values, I don't think I make it read right.

Didn't add any colors but since one of the brush has color dynamic on,
It can add color by itself pretty randomly, so I played with it a little.

There it is, I could go in and render everything but for now it is time to move on.

Sunday 08

Idea I had from a image I saw somewhere of a fashion show where a girl has baggy arm sleeves.
I wanted to make her a fighter with ''elastic'' arm.
Here's some ideas, still working on it.

Some Shinkawa studies and random sketches.

Monday 09

I like not going into full black and just leave it a 5 or 10 %.

Old sketch I want to revisit (3rd one is the old one)
Some other fighter girl with special arm, 
don't know much for now though.

Old sketch again (the bust one), 
pretty happy about the pose 
but I need to find what she's wearing.
I feel like she could be a quick and sneaky character.

Tuesday 10

Blended a little too much here I think.


More work on the baggy arm girl.

Those poses or not dynamic at all....

Wednesday 11


Second try with colors, much better this time.

Another old sketch, I added some story with the dead snake, 
the original was only her posing.

Thursday 12

Really really old idea that I wanted to make it work.
For now this is pretty much the original 3d idea with some tweaks to make the shapes better.
But I plan on changing some element (proportion, shapes) to make the design better.
The main idea was for a fake 2d shooter character, 
Inspired by Metroid, Super Meat Boy and some other games.


Started to work on him. 
I am still not sure if there's a human inside or if it just a robot/cyborg.

Friday 13

Some more ideas.

Saturday 14


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