Sunday, April 24, 2016

day 1069

2016, term 2, week 03,

The Gauntlet illustration was on hold for this week since I didn't have my pc to work on it. So, I tried to finish something else instead, my sketchbook, I filled it with studies. I sketched some ideas with the battered bunny.

Sunday 17

Trying out a pen I had for a long time. 
It is less forgiving so I have to think about what I want to do before doing it,
instead of just guessing with the other pen I used before or erase mistake with a pencil.

Trying out some colored pencil after the ink. 
I like how the simple rendering with the pencil work great with more defined inks.
I might want to try this in digital, detailed lines with simple rendering with colors.

Same here but with no color rendering, only flat, it works well too.

Here I was trying to simplify the mark I was making, 
trying not to go over the same lines twice.
A process I worked on, on the next images too. 

Monday 18

Legs are cool but hips are hard.

Nice legs have nice lines flow.

Interior of the leg.

Back view.

Review of all the views in muscle.

Review of all the views in ''flesh''.

Movements and angles.

I need to do more feet and shoes studies.
Final page of this sketchbook, worked in it since October.
More or less six month to fill a big 9 / 12 sketchbook with 200 pages, 
is the best I did so far.

Tuesday 19

First page of he new sketchbook.
Pretty stiff but the information are there.

Back view.

Ideas for a mech drawing, inspiration : Kow Yokoyama.

Trying to figure out a pose and proportion.

Working on the pose.

Wednesday 20

Studies and sketches based on those.

Thursday 21

Punk girl studies.

Punk girl studies.

Pretty girl studies.

Sketching out this guy to test something with the ink.

Friday 22

Testing the dark background for the ink.

Pretty girl and punk girl studies.

Sketching some punk girl and trying to have cool hairstyle, missed that point.

Saturday 23

Bugs Bunny punk. 
Had some fun with this guy, don't know if I will finish him. 
The bat was fun to paint though.
And a sketch to try to stylize him.

Sketching some mask for the girl.

Sketching from The sartorialist's photos. 

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